QOTW: What are your top 5 games of all time?

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Not just the games you liked the most, but the games you played the most. Give us your absolute fondest memories - the ones that make you feel all warm and tingly inside when you reminisce about them, or are even still playing today. Nostalgic stories are always a plus!

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As always, thanks to everyone who participated! I think I can safely say that Superman 64 recieved the brunt of the bitching (and for good reason).

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CanadianBaconFlavoredNipples wrote...
"BATMAN BEGINS. That got me excited, Splinter Cell-esque gameplay with the Batman mythos. Then they added in Burnout gameplay, and that was cool. Then I got it, and it was buggy. Nothing meshed together; all not helped by bland enviroments and textures. Combat wa sslow and clunky. Plus I played it on all three due to a freak accident, this included the Gamecube version *shudders*"

NightAce84 wrote...
"There is only one answer to this question: Superman 64"

EvoAnubis wrote...
"To anyone that says Superman 64, come ON! That's like everyone's favorite punching bag, and it's getting stale. At least in that game it TRIED to give you the sense of what it's like to be Superman. It failed, but it tried. You want to know what game failed at even that basic premiss? Spawn: The Eternal for the PSOne "

"Do you see a cape? I sure as hell don't. Chains? Nope. Anything at all that would suggest this isn't a game about a damned cos-player? Hell no. This game was bullshit, and I'm actually embarrassed to even admit I ever played it"

Mr.Epic64 wrote...
"Batman Begins. I hate that game. You climb out a window, if you go up, you get shot to death, if you go down, you fall to your death."

TheWebSwinger wrote...
"Spider-Man: Web of Fire (no, not Web of Shadows) for the 32X. It was literally the ONE GAME I bought the 32X add-on for. Seriously, on paper it looked great: beautiful graphics, and 3D effects (on the Genesis??). But in play, it was a middling side-scroller with zero hit detection."

Jul 30, 2009

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