Qore Episode 07 arrives Thursday

If you’re looking for a little extra holiday cheer, it’s arrived on your PS3. On December 4 the seventh episode of Qore will be available for free on the PlayStation Network. To get it, simply go to the PlayStation Store and select Qore. Once episode seven has been downloaded you can access it under the “Game” heading. Then you’ll be hooked forever. Just kidding! But seriously, try Qore for free.

You can get a full list of Qore’s features on their playstation.com page,here.

Qore’s not quite a website and not quite a magazine. It’s an interactive HD experience with videos, artwork, downloads and, of course, a little local flavor from exotic locations the lovely host Veronica Belmont visits each month. In episode seven, you’ll see her in Paris and maybe trying a little Voodoo magic in New Orleans.

The new episode also has some of the most exciting info on Skate 2, Bionic Commando, steampunk action-shooter Damnation and Flock, a PSN game about aliens herding sheep. All the games’ content sections are loaded with videos, demos and artwork (viewable in Qore’s nifty screen viewer), but Qore also has creative content you won’t find anywhere else.

Correspondent Audrey Cleo takes a trip to Vancouver to chat with Skate 2’s developers and then heads down to San Diego for a skate lesson from the best skaters at SoCal Skate Fest 2008.

Along with each month’s featured games, there’s tons more in the What’s Hot section, look for this month’s exclusives on the Dark Knight and the Ultimate Matrix Collection on Blu-ray. You’ll also find a list of December’s Blu-ray and PS3 releases, which could be good for you holiday shoppers. On top of that, there’s even a mini-game the guys at Qore have developed in-house just for this episode.

Above: Blast Qore is available only through Qore, fool!

If you decide you like Qore, you can subscribe and receive an exclusive subscribers-only demo of Flock and a free copy of Calling All Cars. A thirteen month subscription will cost you about 24.99 or, if you’d prefer to buy only the ones you want, they cost 2.99 each – not this time, though. It’s free, seriously.

Dec 3, 2008