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Q&A: The Girls Of Sorority Row

Today, horror remake Sorority Row stalks into our cinemas.

We tracked the cast down at Comic-Con to ask about their time making the movie, dealing with blood-soaked nights and the influences behind the pic.

Rumer Willis, Briana Evigan and Margo Harshman play three of the sorority sisters whose lives take a turn for the murderous/terrified when a prank goes horribly wrong…

What was appealing about Sorority Row?

Rumer: What separated it from everything else was how funny it was. And it was an all-female ensemble carrying this movie.

Briana: And every character is so different.

Margo: It's not just about, "okay, we're going to introduce you to this person and then we're going to kill them." There's a lot of story and you get to see every character's point of view on how this situation goes down. It's really cool.

How exhausting is it to run around and kill and scream and be murdered?

Rumer : Well, it's a job, so we had that side of it!

Briana: Fortunately, we didn't have to do it all at once...

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Did you guys go back and look at any older horror movies?

Rumer: Definitely Heathers, Scream... Mean Girls as well, because that was a big influence. Honestly, when we got to Pittsburgh, they had a "welcome kit" with Mean Girls, Heathers, Scream. And a bunch of Steelers sports stuff.

Briana: I think they wanted us to stay away from the original so that we made this feel like our generation's take on the film.

Who is the least like her character?

Margo: I'd have to say me, because I play the drunk slut. (Laughs). Leah too, because she plays a total bitch and she's actually a sweetheart. It's so funny to watch her play that part.

Rumer: I'm not too much like my character. I get to be a badass.

Briana : Which you are!

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Did you bond as a cast?

Rumer: Absolutely. Our hotel rooms were all next to each other, all on the same floor, so after work we talked about all sorts, hung out with our dogs... Watched TV... Ate too much!

Is that kind of relaxation necessary after an entire day of screaming and being covered in fake blood?

It would've been weird to just go off by ourselves, so it was nice to be able to hang out together.

Briana: The worst part was, we shot for about two months of nights - waking up at five in the afternoon and going to bed around six in the morning. And then we switched halfway through. So we had to finish work about six, and then had maybe one day off and went in around six in the morning for day shoots.

Margo: We had to go out to our favourite restaurant - Salsa dancing, great food. We needed to relax.

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Are you worried about the reaction to the movie?

Rumer: Well, we're hoping the Comic-Con crowd like it. But if they're blogging about something and they hate it, then they're usually right! And you can't like everything.

Briana: Everyone has an opinion, and they're entitled to it.

Will those who survive come back for a sequel?

Rumer: If people like it, and talk about it, then we're available to do another one! Well, some of us.

For the next one, we'll all just hug each other. It'll be a romantic comedy.

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