Puzzle Quest: Galactrix demo out now

A few key tidbits we noticed off the bat:

-Your shields protect you from damage to a certain degree – keep them charged by matching blue hexes
-Damage tiles, called mines (like skulls in the original PQ), get more powerful the longer they sit on the board
-Tiles will always fill in the direction that you swapped the tiles, not simply from the top of the screen.

We’ve been itching for a Puzzle Quest sequel ever since we utterly destroyed Lord Bane in Challenge of the Warlords (and soon after, Lord Antharg in the expansion for XBLA), and it looks like Galactrix isn’t going to disappoint – in fact, we’re optimistic that it’s improving on PQ’s original puzzle-RPG formula. Look for our exclusive hands-on preview and interview with producer Marcus Savino this Friday.

Jan 20, 2009

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