Put 900 square inches of Lady D on your wall with these metal Resident Evil Village posters

Resident Evil Village
(Image credit: Capcom)

Resident Evil Village Displate posters are now available, letting fans apply nearly 900 square inches of Lady Dimitrescu art to their walls with just one piece.

The full Resident Evil Village Displate line includes 13 posters featuring a variety of characters as well as the title art, but it's undeniably dominated by the three pieces featuring Lady Dimitrescu. The towering villainess' design hasn't gotten any less striking in the past few months, and lord knows the fandom hasn't grown less, uh, fond of her, so it's a pretty safe bet that they'll be among the most popular pieces in the selection.

For the unfamiliar, Displate specializes in posters printed on metal which are hung using simple magnets. Unlike regular posters, it's impossible to tear or wrinkle them without using power tools, plus they never leave any marks if you hang them right, so they've become increasingly popular in the past few years. Some of our writers may or may not have a few on their walls. 

Displate posters generally come in three sizes: a medium 17.7" by 12.6", a large 26.6" by 18.9", and an extra-large 35.4" by 25.2" consisting of a 2x2 grid of medium-sized plates. All three of the Lady Dimitrescu pieces are available in these three sizes – because of course they are – which means a single one could bring up to 892 square inches of Lady D to the wall of your choice. If you got all three and arranged them vertically – and we certainly wouldn't judge you if you did – you'd end up with a mural just under nine feet tall, which is impressively close to Lady Dimitrescu's canon height. It wouldn't be cheap, but hey, we're just saying. 

For no particular reason, here's how the art director on Resident Evil VIllage reacted to Lady Dimitrescu's explosive popularity

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