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Public testing begins for Panasonic's Jungle

Public testing has begun for the Jungle portable game system, Panasonic's upcoming answer to online gaming on the go.

As we reported last month, the Japan-based electronics gianthasbeenworking on ahandheld system tailoredto online play. And Starting this week, Panasonic's US division is inviting registered customers via email to test drive its latest build.

In the email, Panasonic says, “We know other companies out there have traditional hand-held gaming covered. We’re doing something very different.”

Those not on the list can still get a taste of things to come by checking outThe Jungle Online Undergroundwhich is currently playing trailers for RuneScape Dungeons of Daemonheim, Battlestar Galactica Online and Stellar Dawn as well of 4 of its animated Online Underground webisodes.

Panasonic's Jungle is still some ways from being ready, and since this isits second attempt at introducing a videogame system (RIP 3DO, 1993-1996), it's likely Panasonic won't make any moves until it hasa serious contender on its hands.

Nov 30, 2010


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