Psychonauts 2 gameplay is here, check out everything Raz can do so far

It's been a long wait for Psychonauts 2. The original Psychonauts was released in the waaaay way back of 2005, and fans have been eagerly waiting another installment ever since. And if you're one of those fans, hopefully a new video from developer Double Fine will provide some much-needed relief.

As game director Tim Schafer says in this behind-the-scenes peek, everything you see here is a prototype. It's been built as an exercise for the team so they can nail the fundamentals like walking, jumping, combat, and art direction before moving on to actually building the proper game. Still, it's a good look at what Raz can (or rather, will be able to) do in Psychonauts 2. Let's check out his moves:

There is of course the standard double-jump...

And the ball roll makes a return...

Idle animations are a good way to show personality

Tim is unimpressed with the glide animation

Raz can give Nathan Drake a run for his money

Sonic the Hedgehog would be proud

Yes, our dear Raz is quite the acrobat

Of course, having psychic abilities helps

And psy-knives make for a cool weapon

What's better than Raz? Five Raz. Raz-ma-tazz.

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