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PSVR on PS5 will require a special camera adapter and you can request one for free

PlayStation VR
(Image credit: Sony)

If you want to use PSVR on PS5, you'll need to get a free camera adapter from Sony first.

PlayStation Indies head and former Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida is getting the word about the adapters out on Twitter. Sony has said for quite a while that you'll be able to use your current PSVR hardware on PS5, but this is the first we've heard about it needing a special adapter to work with PlayStation Camera. Fortunately, the process for picking one up is free and relatively easy (or at least it's supposed to be).

Users in the US, Canada, and Mexico can head to this official Sony support page, and you can try other regions here. All you need to do from there is click a captcha button, enter your serial number from the back of your PSVR Processor Unit (that's the boxy part you plug into your console), and put in your shipping address.

Unfortunately, it looks like people are having trouble getting through the request process online right now - probably because a ton of people are slamming the request form to get their adapter orders in early. Yoshida's asking people to try again later, though you can try to call the PlayStation Support number given by the form if you want to get it all sorted out ASAP.

The vast majority of PS4 games will be playable through PS5 backwards compatibility, and that seems to go for all of our picks of the best PSVR games.

Sony hasn't made any promises about making another generation of PlayStation VR, but some controller patents reveal it's at least thinking about it.

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