PSVR 2 demo shows impressive finger tracking capabilities

PSVR 2 and controllers
(Image credit: Sony)

The PSVR 2 looks to have some pretty impressive finger tracking work going on.

Over the past few days, the video below has been circulating on Twitter, taken from a public demo for the PSVR 2. The person using Sony's new-gen VR headset briefly demonstrates just how accurate the hand and finger tracking is on the PSVR 2, by running their hands through their surroundings repeatedly.

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After waving their hands around the air for a little while, the user then boards a canoe. They can lean down to either side and run their hands through the water, demonstrating the finger tracking capabilities of the new-gen VR headset, in what looks a lot like a demo for Horizon Call of the Mountain

All things considered, this looks like a pretty impressive public display for the PSVR 2 headset. There's still a few months to go until the VR headset launches around the world on February 22, 2023, so there's still time for Sony to set up more demo sessions like this one for users to try out.

Speaking of a release date, it was just recently announced that the aforementioned Horizon Call of the Mountain will be a day one launch title for the PSVR 2 headset. Sony also finally announced the PSVR 2 price, and it's fair to say that at $549.99, it's turned a lot of heads, and confirmed the new VR headset as angled towards enthusiasts more than commercial customers. 

Check out our full upcoming PSVR 2 games guide for a complete look at all the other titles coming to the headset soon after launch. 

Hirun Cryer

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