PSP gets Flash

Get ready to sit through that lengthy update process again. Sony's latest PSP firmware update - version 2.70 - is available beginning today, enhancing audio file storage on the handheld and allowing owners to view Macromedia Flash websites and Sony's LocationFree TV.

Above: Now you can see those ads that let you shoot stuff to win a live unicorn or whatever

With the update, PSP can playback ACC files as well as MP3 and WMA files, and will allow podcasts to not only be streamed but also saved on to the PSP memory stick thanks to the RSS features being upgraded. Be warned, however: Flash moves at a snail's pace on the PSP,and many Flash-intensive sites - like, say, GamesRadar - will quickly use up the handheld's available memory and often fail to load as a result. We're hoping that Sony will be able to improve this with future updates.

As well as PSP owners now being able to view websites that use Flash, the new firmware prepares the PSP to act as a receiver for LocationFree TV, Sony's WiFi TV service. LocationFree TVallows users to watch and record TV shows on their PSP via a wireless "Base Station" tuner,sold separately.

April 25, 2006