PSA: This is your last day to finish stuff in Destiny so it will transfer over to Destiny 2

There's just one day left to finish up your affairs in the original Destiny if you want to see them reflected in Destiny 2. Bungie will transfer over all the data for characters of level 20 or higher (as long as they have also completed vanilla Destiny's final mission, The Black Garden) starting on Tuesday, August 1. We know that the personal details for Guardians - stuff like species and facial markings - will automatically transfer over, as well as certain accomplishments like the Moments of Triumph.

Many of these special achievements are no longer accessible, but here are the three things you can still do to receive exclusive emblems in Destiny 2:

  • Reach Rank 2 or higher in the Age of Triumph Record Book
  • Reach Rank 7 or higher in the Age of Triumph Record Book
  • Reach a Grimoire Score of 5,000 or higher

Transfers only work within the same console family, and only if you sign in with the same online ID for both games. Bungie has teased that Destiny 2 will recognize your previous exploits in some other ways as well, but it's keeping them secret for now. Whatever the task is, it will only be reflected if you do it by August 1. No time was specified, but I'll bet the transfer will coincide with the weekly server reset at 2 am PDT / 10 am BST.

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