PSA: The new Xbox Live dashboard update is rolling out "within the next few hours"

If you woke up at midnight hoping to download the Xbox Live Dashboard update as soon as it was released you were likely disappointed when the old, broken, archaic mess that is the current dashboard loaded up instead. Apparently, there was some sort of last-minute issue that caused Microsoft to delay it slightly, causing mass panic among the Xbox Live community. Thankfully, those horrible few hours look like they are coming to an end.

According to Xbox Live's Larry Hryb, the updated dashboard should be rolling out to Xbox Live users within the next few hours. Phew!

"Sorry for the dash launch delay," Hryb said in a tweet a few minutes ago. "Good news: first set of customers will be getting the Xbox LIVE update within the next few hours." Apparently that caused some confusion, leading him to clarify "And when I say customers, I mean Xbox LIVE members..."

If you're not among the first to be granted access to the new dashboard don't worry! It won't be long before you'll be able to access the same exact content you can access now with a slightly different aesthetic and more advertisements. If you're really itching to look at it you can check out the video below, wherein we go through the new features that you can expect to find when your download begins.

Hollander Cooper

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