PS5 weight may have been revealed and it's an absolute unit

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We may know the PS5 weight, and it is hefty.

As spotted on Reddit, the Amazon Germany listing for PS5 has the console's weight listed as 4.78 kg, which equals about 10.54 lb. Those figures may not mean much on their own to you, so here's the weights of some respective consoles to give you context. Just close your eyes and picture yourself lifting these out of the boxes for the first time for the most precise possible sense memory. Lift with your legs.

  • Reported PS5 weight: 4.78 kg (10.54 lb)
  • Original PS3 weight: 5 kg (11 lb)
  • Original PS4 weight: 2.8kg (6.17 lb)
  • Original Xbox One weight: 3.2kg (7 lb)
  • Original Switch weight: 0.4kg (0.88 lbs) with Joy-Cons attached

The big takeaway here is that PS5 is, well, big. If Amazon Germany's figures are right, it's quite heavy, though just a bit less heavy than its PS3 forebear. If you only ever used one of the slimmer PS3 redesigns that came after the original, let me tell you: the thing was chonky. Granted, part of the reason it was so heavy was because it was also backwards compatible with PS2, which was pretty cool - that feature was removed from later editions of the console. Hopefully, the PS5 price won't be as big. 

The Amazon Germany listing gives the same weight for both PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition, which is unlikely to be true since the latter lacks a Blu-Ray drive and has a more svelte frame.  We still don't have much of an idea of how much Xbox Series X will weigh, though its design appears to be a good deal more compact than PS5 and it will likely weigh less as well.

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