PS5 has been jailbroken, leading to debug menu discoveries and more

(Image credit: Sony)

The PS5 has been jailbroken by a modder, uncovering new back-end menus in the process.

Earlier today on October 3, modder Lance McDonald posted the tweet seen just below, revealing that the PS5 console has at last been properly jailbroken. From the wording of the tweet, and the watermark on the video, it certainly seems as though it's McDonald himself who's cracked the console open.

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McDonald's video shows him accessing back-end menus on the jailbroken PS5 console. Thanks to the hack, he's able to open up a special 'Debug Menu' option in the console's main menu systems, and thereby gain access to a bunch of added options that users wouldn't ordinarily be able to see.

There's plenty of options available to McDonald in the debug menu, including options to adjust games, controllers, users, the PlayStation Network, and more. McDonald's video even ends with him downloading and installing the lost P.T. demo, the prelude to Hideo Kojima's cancelled Silent Hills project, by way of the debug menu options.

It's a fascinating discovery, but it's clear this is still early days for the PS5's modding community at large. McDonald's various responses to replies underneath the original tweet show that there's more work to be done yet to iron out kinks in the system, such as being able to import save data for games like P.T. The modding community might have a few years yet before the eventual PS5 Pro shows up on the scene. 

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