PS5 hands-on confirms cooling fans remains silent even after extended use

(Image credit: Sony)

The PS5 is "exceptionally quiet", according to a number of reporters who were able to experience a hands-on preview with the console in Japan this weekend. 

The reports come from Japanese publications Dengeki and 4Gamer (translated by VGC), both of whom praised the lack of noise coming from the next-gen console's exhaust system. 

4Gamer reports playing Godfall for some time on the PS5, before noting that "the breeze coming from the exhaust port was gentle and didn’t feel exceedingly hot", despite being in a basement surrounded by tech (and thus likely warmer than your average living room). 

Dengeki, meanwhile, called the system "exceptionally quiet", even going so far as to say that "the quietness of the fans was more impressive than the loading times."

This will come as good news for PlayStation owners who are currently having to deal with the PS4's notoriously loud fans, which operate on a less fluid response system to software, and thus tend to work overtime in keeping the system cool, thereby drowning out the room with what sounds like a Boeing 747 taking off. 

The PS5 is scheduled to launch this November, with a staggered schedule around the world. If you still need to secure your PS5 pre-order, follow the link for all the latest info on where you might be able to bag one. 

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