PS5 game betas will be coming before the end of the year

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Lead system architect Mark Cerny confirms there will be PS5 game betas before the end of the year. 

Cerny revealed that there will be game betas for Sony's next-gen console during the Road to the PS5 livestream, where he also appears to have reaffirmed that the PS5 will "launch at year-end." 

We've already had some upcoming PS5 games revealed over the past year. While we don't yet know which titles might be in beta by the end of the year, we could very well see some of the games we already know about that have a holiday 2020 release date window, including the exclusive PS5 title, Godfall. Developed by Gearbox, Godfall is described as a third-person "loot-slasher," that features co-operative gameplay and a solo mode. 

Outriders is another game slated for an end of year release in holiday 2020. As a new game from People Can Fly of Bulletstorm fame, and published by Square Enix, it sees humanity try to survive against evil alien forces. 

We could also see any online games coming to the PS5 go into beta towards the end of the year, such as the Rainbow Six Seige horror spin-off, Rainbow Six Quarantine from Ubisoft. 

Cerny even mentioned during the showcase for the PS5 that he's seen a game in action using ray-tracing, but we don't know if he's talking about a next-gen game or an optimised current release. 

Cerny also talked in detail about PS5 loading times, and how the next-gen console looks to reduce the copying-delays of games so there will be no installs or updates as we know them today. 

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