PS5 focus is on "strong, narrative-driven single-player games," says PlayStation Worldwide Studios boss

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PlayStation is committed to delivering new single-player games with a heavy focus on story going into next-gen, according to PlayStation Worldwide Studios boss Hermen Hulst.

In a conversation with the PlayStation Blog, Hulst was asked about the direction he sees Worldwide Studios - the internal network of first-party game studios - taking going into the PS5 era "and beyond."

"We’re very committed to dedicated hardware, as we were before. We’re gonna continue to do that. And we’re very committed to quality exclusives. And to strong narrative-driven, single-player games," Hulst said.

It sounds a lot like what we've seen from PlayStation's first-party studios on the PS4, and it's hard to disagree with continuing that strategy with the PS5. With releases like God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Bloodborne, and even the upcoming The Last of Us 2 dominating the conversation in the single-player space this generation, it's exciting to fathom what kind of experiences the developers within Worldwide Studios are cooking up for the PS5.

"At the same time, we’re going to be very open to experimentation, to new ideas. Just trying things out to see what works. I think that’s also very much part of the DNA of Worldwide Studios," Hulst continued.

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