PS4 update 4.0 could add PS1/2 classics and PSN name changes

You know that thing you wish your PS4 could do? Sony is thinking about adding it in the next big system update, according to a survey posted to NeoGAF. That includes big shifts such as adding support for PlayStation and PlayStation 2 Classics via PSN, as well as no-brainer tweaks like being able to hide stuff from the PS4 Library - goodbye, ancient Destiny beta app.

Here's the full list of potential features from the survey:

- Notifications when friends come online
- PS2 classics
- Folders
- PS1 classics
- 'Appear offline' mode
- Hide / completely remove items from library (e.g. demos)
- Delete items from your library
- Filtering options in game libraries (e.g. installed only, download only, genre)
- Download avatars on PS4
- Custom backgrounds
- Store wish list
- Increase max no. of people in a party
- Change PSN ID

You'll be particularly happy to see that last one if you have one of those PSN account names that seemed really cool back in middle school. Bigger parties would also be a treat: at the moment you can only have up to eight players in a single party, which is a bit limiting for large-scale multiplayer games like Battlefield 4. Not to mention appearing offline, or downloading new avatars, or using custom backgrounds… It's a good thing the survey lets you pick multiple options, because I want all that stuff in my PS4 yesterday.

The next question asks when you'd expect this theoretical Update 4.0 to arrive, with a range of release windows stretching from before the end of 2015 up through 2017 or later. PS4 Update 3.10 just rolled out last week, so I wouldn't expect another full number in the near future. Also keep in mind that gauging interest would be pointless if Sony planned to add all those features in one update anyway. But the fact that they're all at least being considered is encouraging.

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