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PS4 update 3.50 quietly re-enables USB music and shores up 4TB drive support

The big-ticket item in PS4's 3.50 update (opens in new tab) was support for Remote Play on PC and Mac (opens in new tab), but a bunch of its unannounced tweaks are worthy of celebration, too. Reddit's PS4 community (opens in new tab) has gone to work assembling the new features in one place, and though some of them are pretty niche, they're all good to have.

First off, if you've been missing being able to play music off of USB storage (opens in new tab) in-game, surprise! You can do it again now. It's not really clear why Sony disabled the functionality in the first place - hopefully it wasn't just to get people to sign up for its Spotify app - but at least it's back.

You'll also be able to hard-limit the size of your parties. That should come in handy for when you want to leave an open invitation for friends to come and hang out, but don't want to have to kick people out when it gets too crowded. As previously announced, you'll also be able to see what each person in a party is playing so you can easily join up.

It looks like the PS4 operating system can properly handle 4TB hard drives (opens in new tab) as of the 3.50 update, giving you a ton of space for screenshots. Screenshots which you can now take without that annoying "Hey, you took a screenshot" notification popping up and potentially messing up further screenshots. Whose idea was that, anyway? Head to Settings > Notifications to disable the pop-up.

And in "satisfying, if not all that useful" news: it looks like the PS4 internet connection test is reporting faster results now. Unfortunately, it probably doesn't mean your PS4 is making better use of its connection, it just means the test is a bit more accurate. It's probably still slower than your other online devices, no matter how nice your connection is.

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