PS4 players in Japan have until December 25 to get their consoles serviced

(Image credit: Sony)

The release of the PS5 is imminent, and while many are looking forward to next-gen gameplay and the excitement of a new console, it also means that the previous console generation is starting to wind down. This was made quite apparent by Sony in Japan, where it was announced in a tweet that they intend to stop servicing the original PS4 console. 

So what does this mean? Well, in Japan, players will no longer be able to get their PS4 consoles serviced if they're part of the CUH-1000/CUH-1100 series. If you need to get your console serviced, you'll have to either book it prior to December 25, 2020 or ship it for repair by January 8, 2021. This does of course only apply to the Japanese market, and it can be expected that servicing will vary depending on what market you're in. 

The PS4's era has come and gone, and there's no bigger sign of the times than this. The console enjoyed almost a decade of life, having initially launched in North America on November 15, 2013. The console wouldn't arrive in Japan for a few more months, launching there on February 22, 2014. This means that by the time the PS5 is released this week, the console will have been around for seven years in the North American market and a little more than six years in Japan. 

As the PS5's release approaches, players in Japan will have to anticipate these changes and get their consoles serviced accordingly. While the PS4's release was more staggered, the PS5 will launch this Thursday, on November 12, including the Japanese market. 

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