PS3 to launch into Oblivion?

Long-rumored to be making an appearance on PS3, it's recently been suggested that PC and Xbox 360 RPG daddy The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion will be released in time for the machine's American (and Japanese, but not European - yes, the Brits're still sore) launch on November 17.

Set to be revealed in an upcoming issue of the US Official PlayStation Magazine (not to be confused with our sister-mag, PSM ), a recent podcast may have let the proverbial cat out of the enchanted Daedra-hide bag - but as ever, developer Bethesda has made no official confirmation of a PS3 version.

Above: Will the acclaimed RPG ride onto the PS3 with even better graphics than its 360 counterpart (pictured here)?

Oblivion distributor 2K Games also declined to comment when we asked after this mythical Sony edition. But we wouldn't be shocked if the game does indeed turn up in the still-unclear PS3 launch line-up - we'll know more as Sony solidifies its plans closer to the time.

September 18, 2006