PS3 'to last 10 years'

Tuesday 25 July 2006
PlayStation 3 will "last 10 years" thanks to its choice of Blu-ray as its optical disc format, according to the graphics chip company that has worked on both PS3 and the original Xbox.

PS3 will last longer than its competitors as the Blu-ray Disc is the future of high-density storage, Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO of graphics chip company nVidia, told US site Mercury News. The tech boss said it would be an "impossible scenario" for any company to "announce a games console for the next 10 years and not have Blu-ray," and he believes that this will be evident when consumers choose their next-gen console.

If this turns out to be true it partly backs up Sony's claims that its technology is 'future proof', with most games consoles becoming outdated in around five years.

Huang then explained that Sony will be able to make up ground on Xbox 360, despite being released much later and delaying its development so that it could include Blu-ray, stating, "when [PS3] comes out, it's going to look so much more advanced than last-generation game consoles."

The CEO also mentioned that nVidia is "a good 10 years" away from photorealistic graphics, which is good timing, as that's when it seems we could be expecting PS4.