PS3 SingStar movie debut

Wednesday 26 July 2006
We've got our hands on a new trailer that demonstrates the type of customisation gamers will be able to do with the Sony's PlayStation 3 version of SingStar.

While there's little Sony can do to improve the gameplay (singplay?), the experience will be given a next-gen edge by allowing gamers to create their ultimate SingStar track list with downloads from PS3's online service.

Sony will make over 300 songs from previous SingStar games available in the online SingStore, with further tunes no doubt added in the future. The game will also make recommendations to gamers based on their previous choices.

The flow of content won't be one way, though, as gamers will be able to use EyeToy to capture their performances and then upload them to the online community to show to the world their superstar turn.