PS3 sales double in Japan

While the DS Lite continues to be the top selling platform, holding steady around the 150,000 units sold mark for a second consecutive week, the PlayStation 3 is the big winner in the latest hardware charts. Sales of Sony's next generation console reached almost 30,000 units, leaving its predecessor in the shade.

Having exceeded the 100,000 units sold mark two weeks ago, Wii sales continue to fall, while sales of Sony's PSP and Microsoft's Xbox 360 are up marginally.

Hardware sales for the week ended July 29:

DS Lite: 150,494
Wii : 77,169
PSP: 35,068
PS3: 28,829
PS2: 11,757
Xbox 360: 3,872
GB Micro: 263
GBA SP: 228
GC: 102
DS: 90
GBA: 41

Source:Next Generation

August 3, 2007