PS3 launch line madness

Last night, Sony organized quite the spectacle in San Francisco for the launch of its PlayStation 3. Set at the city-center Metreon shopping plaza, the venue was packed with B-list celebrities (Shaun White), C-list bands (Angels and Airwaves) and A-list executives (Sony executive vice-president and COO, Jack Tretton) whom some people mistook forPhil Collins.

The real story, of course, was the hundreds of people that lined up to be among the first to own a PlayStation 3. Waiting as long as 40 hours in line, these hardcore gamers (and opportunistic profiteers) battled the elements, sleep depravation and a crap band to get their hands on the PlayStation 3. GamesRadar caught up with some of the peeps in line to learn what the whole experience was like, see what some of these people think they're getting for their systems on eBay and have fun with a few delirium-stricken fans.

Click on theMovies tab up above and look for "Launch line 11-17-06" if you want to see the madness

Above: Our intrepid reporter and his trusty cameraman brave the shanty-town in the front of the Metreon late last night

November 17, 2006