PS3 hits the airwaves

The wait is over - provided you were waiting on cryptic PlayStation 3 ads, anyway. The first commercial for Sony's titanic gaming machine has started forcing its way through European television, and, mere seconds later, YouTube. We're not sure how children gathering their school clothes and heading for the rooftops equates to purchasing a $600 piece of tech, but judging from the beautiful, tear-tugging music, we might actually be legally married to the PS3 just by listening to the song.

Now, join us in a collective, "That's it?"

As for the gorgeous tunes, you've probably heard this track before from Brian Eno - it's called "An Ending [Ascent]," and was featured in Brit zombie flick 28 Days Later. Was it in there before or after the dude stabbed out the other guy's eyes with his thumbs?

October 19, 2006