PS3 and Xbox 360 on equal footing

Thursday 4 May 2006
Ever since Microsoft and Sony unveiled their next-gen consoles at last year's E3 it has been suggested that PS3 would be a more powerful machine and would offer superior graphics. But a developer working on The Darkness for both consoles believes there will be hardly any difference between the two machines in terms of graphics.

Magnus Hogdahl, technical director at Starbreeze, the developer of The Darkness, stated during an online interview that it will be "near impossible to tell Xbox 360 and PS3 screenshots apart".

Above: The Darkness is to look just as chilling on either PS3 or Xbox 360

While this is obviously in relation to just the one game, it will be interesting to see at E3 how the two consoles compare. Microsoft has had a year's head start on Sony in terms of its console being on the market, but it was assumed that Sony could hit back hard by offering a superior machine.

Even though, on paper, PlayStation 3 might have more processing power, if this isn't reflected in real terms such as visual quality, it will be difficult for Sony to brag about it.