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PS2 PES4 goes online in Japan

Konami certainly don't play favourites. Ever since the KCET developed-ISS series started back on the PSone it has been Sony gamers who have bought it, supported it and loved it. But when the renamed Pro Evo was finally ready to go online, it was the Gatesy-come-lately Xbox gamers who got to hit the back of the internet first.

In an attempt to make it up to our sushi-guzzling Sony-loving cousins in Japan, Konami have decided to start work on an online version named Winning Eleven 8: LE (Winning Eleven 8 being the Japanese version of PES4) - and we have the first shots to be seen.

With LE referring to Livewire Edition, this enhanced version of the game will include single net matches along with online league and cup-ties. And to ensure that you can keep up with the friends you make, or the foes that you need to taunt, a chat mode and ranking system will also be included. More importantly, all the early reports from Japan say that using the game with the network adaptor is a smooth and relatively simple affair.

The offline capabilities of the game have also been enhanced with a new formation added, along with all of the mid-season updates you would expect in terms of team, player and transfer details. And, while this version of the game will almost certainly never make it over here, Winning Eleven 8: LE is playable in eight different languages.

While the importers practise inputting their PIN numbers, the rest of us can wait for PES5, safe in the knowledge that Konami have promised that this fifth instalment of the game will finally let PS2 gamers join the party.

Winning Eleven: LE will go on sale in Japan on 3 March