Prototype 2 trailer takes you into the Red Zone

This new CG teaser for Prototype 2 continues where July's "Homecoming" spot left off. The clip sees new protagonist James Heller deep within infected territory and on the hunt for Alex Mercer.

Prototype 2 enjoyed a strong presence at this weekend's New York Comic Con with this newly-unveiled footage joining playable demos of two of the game's levels. Also announced was a toy for Facebook fans of the upcoming sequel. Share your Prototype 2 enthusiasm with friends, acquaintances and Mark Zuckerberg by likingthe title and you'll get access to the sandbox Protothingy, in which you can build a better beast from Radical's library of infected props and body parts. Your enemies will cower! At least until you close your browser. Prototype 2's still headed for release in April of next year for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

Oct 17, 2011