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Ridley Scott reveals the Engineers' motives in Prometheus 2

Ridley Scott might be in the midst of promoting The Martian, but that didn't stop him talking about his next film - Prometheus 2 - in an interview with Collider (opens in new tab) during Toronto Film Festival. Surprisingly, the director teased some details about the inscrutable Engineers, saying the sequel will delve into the motivation behind their actions, which were discovered by our band of explorers in the first film.

"It starts off with a very grand idea - or a grand question, really, " explains Scott. "Who are they and why did they create such evil biology and bacteriology? And to protect themselves from what? So the questions are answered there, or rather, begin to be answered in Prometheus 2."

The 2012 film ended with Noomi Rapace bundling the severed head of Michael Fassbender’s android into a bag and setting a course for the Engineers’ home planet. With Scott confirming that both actors are set to return for the sequel, what can we expect them to find at the end of their journey? Mismatched buddy antics, ahoy!

With Michael Green having worked up a script, production is set to get underway on the film as soon as Scott is done with publicity for The Martian. Prometheus 2 is set to land in US cinemas on May 30 2017 with a UK date yet to be confirmed.

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