Project Gotham now multiplatform?

Sept 25, 2007

Activision has bought Bizarre Creations, creator of the Project Gotham Racing series, and tucked it under the Activision umbrella of developers. Which, in the words of Bizarre's Ben Ward, means the developer is now "a truly multiplatform studio". So, PGR4 for PS3?

"We're no longer tied to just one platform," Ward announces onthe official Bizarre website, adding that "future titles can be on whatever [platform] we please".However, The Club will still be published by Sega, and Geometry Wars Galaxies will still be handled by Sierra.

Bizarre is now working on two "AAA" titles for Activision. Ward bills these as "a racing game and a character game," which surely suggests a new PGR title - and one that could very possibly reach PlayStation 3, Wii and PC.

But Activision won't be holding the reins. Ward sums up the business as thus:

"Bizarre are happy because it means we're completely safe as a company, we all get to stay exactly the same, and we now have the opportunity to stretch our legs with some brand new game concepts. This is going to be fun..."

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