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Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright team up to melt your brain in a crossover for great justice

You are?


Just announced at the Level-5 Vision press conference in Japan, Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney (to use a rough translation of the current Japanese title) is a brand new story set in a brand new world which teams the two DS puzzle lords in a bid to assist with a mysterious witch trial.

Above: Here's a Youtube video of the announcement we found to prove we're not lying

Hershel and Phoenix will find themselves in the medievalLabyrinth City , a place where magic exists and witches lurk in the shadows. We're not sure how their roles will play out, but we're guessing Layton will solve puzzles to dig out and make sense of evidence while Wright will handle verbal dissection duties at the inevitable trial or trials that make use of it. Of course there's the possibility that this could turn out to be a literal vs. game, culminating in a fearsome logic face-off, but how often do vs. stories in any medium end up with an outright winner? And trials need a winner.

Anyway, all will become clear in due course. The game is due for release some time in 2011, and should be a very big deal indeed, even amongst a line-up as strong as the one the 3DS currently boasts. Excited? Of course you are.

Cheers muchly,Andriasang!

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