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Game addiction confessions: 14 dumb things we've done because of gaming

Wrote video game book reports

In high school my English teacher wanted us to write book reports, but never asked to see the books. I wrote reports on Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 2, and Super Mario Bros 3. Each report contained a summary of each Mario game in full (or to the extent of my knowledge). I used these games because they had instruction booklets, which are technically books so yeah. My teacher never called me out on it and I got A's on all three papers.

I got lost on the train because of Donkey Kong

Ive always had some appreciation (if not love) for the Mario vs. Donkey Kong series. The puzzle platforming gameplay captivated me for long stretches of time, and the DS release, Mini-Land Mayhem!, really had my attention when I was playing through the finale on my train ride home. That last battle was testing me so much that I couldnt see anything beyond beating the ape once and for all. When I finally knocked down the big man, I looked up to find myself in an unfamiliar area, four stops beyond my usual station. It took almost an hour to find my way back, and from then on I learned to save portable boss fights for home.

I bothered the nice people at a CD store for a week

The GameCube was just weeks away from launch, and while most shops ran out of pre-orders early, I found a Sam Goody that had a few systems for sale. The place was mainly known as a music store, so most assumed they didnt even have games, and I had hoped they didnt know about how to sell games either. I was certain they had the GameCube systems shipped to them a few days ahead of the Sunday launch, so I went to the store multiple times to beg and plead with the cashiers to sell it to me early. Just a year later I had a retail job and realized how serious breaking street date is (and how aggravating customers like me are), but back then I figured if I was pitiful enough, theyd let me play Super Monkey Ball 48 hours ahead of schedule. Its hardly an episode I look back on with pride.

My friends and I made championship belts for our wrestling games

Pro wrestling was seeing a boom period in the late 1990s, as both WCW and WWF were impressing legions of teenaged fans with edgy content and high impact violence. My friends and I were entranced by the product, and that bled into the N64 wrestling games that recreated the product. WCW/NWO: Revenge in particular was a top draw, and we took the matches so seriously that we bought fake championship belts to represent the many titles we were vying for in the multiple tournaments we set up. Then one jerk just had to steal the belts and ruin the fun. But I still consider myself the most dominant World Champion in our leagues history.

When I had to go I didn't go

When I was 4 years old I was hooked on the first Super Mario Bros for NES. I remember I was trying to pass one of Bowser's castles when I got a certain rumbling in my stomach. I was four, okay! As a kid you don't have the best control over your bowels, but that didn't stop me from retrying the castle again and again. Actually, now that I think of it, I'm pretty sure it was the maze castle that continuously repeats the stage until you take the correct path. Obviously, I couldn't figure it out, but I stayed persistent. I don't remember finishing the castle that day, but I do remember my grandpa yelling at me for the mess I made.

Yeah, we know, you've had worse

That time you broke up with a significant other because they got in the way of gaming? Yeah, we know. Or when you lost your job and family because of an MMO? Again, we're sure. Let us know in the comments, below!

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