Prince of Persia 3 screens debut

Following the news last month that Ubisoft is , the company has today released the first three shots of the free-roaming game in action.

This time round, the game - which will be released for all current-gen consoles and PC - features two playable characters in the shape of Kaileena as well as the Prince himself.

Players are given a range of combat options, including an expanded free-form fighting system, the ability to strangle enemies from afar with a Daggertail and one-shot kills.

Naturally, you'll also be able to slow down or rewind time, which always comes in handy, and there are also the usual agility tests and story-driven puzzles. No doubt we'll be seeing much more of this at E3.

Prince of Persia 3 will be released for PS2, Xbox, Gamecube and PC in the second half of 2005