Primeval: New World 1.11 The Inquisition REVIEW

TV REVIEW Primeval horror story: the creatures get lobotomies

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Primeval: New World 1.11 “The Inquisition” TV REVIEW

Episode 1.11
Writer: Jon Cooksey
Director: Martin Wood

THE ONE WHERE Mac and Dylan hunt for answers inside the secret lab where Project Magnet has been experimenting on the creatures; Colonel Henderson Hall threatens Evan into handing over his knowledge and technology of the Anomalies.

VERDICT There were no new creatures this week, but this episode delivered a lot of answers: we discover what Project Magnet is really up to, who Leeds has been taking orders from, and what has been happening to the creatures in the secret lab.

“The Inquisition” is character-driven and full of drama – instead of the usual thrills and scares – and it works. It’s a fantastic episode that makes good use of non-chronological storytelliing, throwing in flashback from previous episodes, and jumping between the Cross Photonics lab and the Project Magnet headquarters. It begins with Mac and Dylan seemingly being chased by a creature in a building – the only real fast-paced action in the episode – but their pursuers are, in fact, Project Magnet soldiers. Mixing up the timeline keeps you guessing and engaged in what’s happening, especially as the episode is a little slower-paced than we’ve seen in the series before. There’s a completely different tone here.

The team’s fears are confirmed when Dylan and Mac discover that more creatures than just Leggy have been captured and tortured by Project Magnet – there’s a whole lab of dead creatures. It’s an emotional scene and the attention to the gruesome detail of the slaughtered dinosaurs is a major shock factor. Dylan mournfully stroking the carcass of the Pachycephalosaurus was a lump-in-your-throat moment.

The highlight of the episode was Leeds being interrogated by big bad boss, Colonel Henderson Hall, who we find out, has seriously messed-up good intentions. Although Henderson’s aims seem good – wanting to save the future of the human race from dwindling Earth resources – we can’t forget or forgive the mistreatment of the creatures to secure knowledge and research. Always be suspicious of a man with a moustache. Is he a time traveler from the future? Just how far will Project Magnet go in its research of the Anomalies and creatures?

Angelika returned this week to try and convince Evan that Project Magnet isn’t the bad guy but Evan couldn’t be swayed by what she had to say, not even when she flashes her amazing legs in heels. There was a totally different dynamic between these two characters, with neither of them wanting to kiss and make up.

With Colonel Henderson becoming frustrated with lack of progress in changing Evan’s mind about willingly working for Project Magnet, he threatens to lock Mac and Dylan away in military prison forever just like Leeds. Evan is forced to comply with Henderson’s demands to hand over all knowledge and technology of the Anomalies.

The final scene of Leeds being escorted to his cell in handcuffs and orange jumpsuit was a little heartbreaking, especially because it was shot in slow motion. It just made the pain last even longer to see that awesome character suffer such an unfair fate. It’s the perfect ending to the episode, and with only the two-part series finale left there’s worry that he will remain in prison forever.

Will someone rescue Leeds? Is the future of the human race doomed now that Project Magnet has Evan handing them the key to the Anomalies? Just two more episodes left to get a satisfying conclusion.

CREATURES OF THE WEEK Featuring creatures from previous episodes that the team have encountered including the Pachycephalosaurus, the Utahraptor, and others who have been cruelly experimented in the lab and killed. RIP, dinosaurs.

DID YOU KNOW? New research suggests that prehistoric algae could lead to new energy to create a replacement for oil and coal shale deposits. The algae Botryococcus braunii blueprint still exists today, even after 500 million years, and may help to generate a renewable biofuel supply. Note: This discovery was not made by Project Magnet.

IT’S WOSSISNAME You might recognise Colonel Henderson Hall (Louis Ferreira) as Colonel Everett Young in Stargate Universe.

GROSS! Dylan’s favourite Pachycephalosaurus has been given a lobotomy – quite a gruesome and upsetting scene – the poor dino has been left on the table, bloodied and with a look of pain and terror on its face. Mac and Dylan take pictures.

Toby: “See, this is why shouldn't name dinosaurs because then you get all attached, and…you know, they eat people.”

Kell Harker

Primeval: New World airs in the UK on Watch, Tuesdays, 9pm.

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