Prey gameplay footage shows what it's like to become a coffee mug

Don't believe me about Prey (opens in new tab)'s whole "turning into a coffee mug" thing? Bethesda and Arkane Studios first showed off the game's fascinating Mimic ability exclusively to the in-person audience QuakeCon, but thanks to Gamescom 2016 (opens in new tab) you can see the highlights from that eye-opening presentation for yourself.

Yep, definitely some coffee mug hijinks there. I saw quite a bit more than that of Prey (opens in new tab) back at QuakeCon so make sure you check out those impressions for more details. Prey is currently planned for release in 2017, and I'll be eagerly awaiting more details until then. At least we've established how main character Morgan Yu would play in a Bethesda-made Super Smash Bros. clone (opens in new tab).

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