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Sponsored: Predator on Blu-ray 3D lands soon. Enter the hunt to win one

It’s silent, apart from the gentle brushing of tree branches on the breeze and the distant cawing of an unknown bird. The sun beats down as hot as Hell, but the dense foliage above allows little light to penetrate the deep green shadows. The jungle around your reaches out endlessly in every direction, but right now it feels about as expansive as a prison cell. It’s a vast, verdant world out there, and in other circumstances it would be an idyllic wonderland, but today the hot, humid air feels thick enough to drown on.

And then, from the treetops, the quiet, choking pressure of the scene is broken by something much worse. A plasma bolt hurtles down from the canopy, flame and sparks exploding from the tree behind you as it just misses its mark. More deadly beams are swift to follow, as follow-up shots rain down around you. You can almost feel their heat as they narrowly screech past. And then, from behind, a harsh, high-pitched whistle. The kettle has boiled, so you hit Pause, get up, and head to the kitchen to make a brew.

All of the above? Predator. More specifically, Predator, in 3D, on Blu-ray. The most atmospheric, iconic action-horror film of the ‘80s is about to take you deeper into the (severed) heart of darkness than ever before, as a machete-sharp 1080P print makes it look as fresh as it’s always felt, and the brand new 3D transfer drops you deep into the middle of the meat grinder. Ready to get muddy? We can help. The disc hits on the 16th of December, but the more skilled, more dedicated among you can start the hunt early.

Head over to the game's site (opens in new tab) and you’ll find the start of an extensive web-wide ARG picking up where the film leaves off. Something has escaped the jungle. Several somethings. The government is trying to pull a cover up, but word is leaking out, and you’re on trail. Piece together the clues, track the threat, and ultimately take down a Predator. If you succeed and survive, you’ll take a trophy of your own, in the shape of Predator on Blu-ray 3D and a Predator head statue. Because it’s long since time we evened the scorecard. Make sure you hit the official Hunt the Predator Facebook page (opens in new tab), as well as those for Predators (opens in new tab), Alien (opens in new tab) and Commando (opens in new tab), for a few clues to help you start the fight-back hard.

And that’s not your only chance. We have a second Blu-ray and Predator head set to give away. To be in with a chance of winning it, just send the answer to the following question to (opens in new tab).

In the first Predator film, what does the Predator’s visor allow it to see?

A) Body heat.
B) Sound.
C) Body odour.

The competition is open until 00:00 am on the 20th of December, 2013, and is open to residents of the UK and Ireland only. For full terms and conditions, see the next page. And if you're not lucky with either of the above options, don't despair. The limited special edition Predator head 3D Blu-ray pack is available for pre-order at Amazon right here (opens in new tab).