Pre-E3 blowout

Next week, we'll be coming to you direct from Los Angeles, where the 2006 E3 trade show will be held. There, every single publisher will be blasting the latest and greatest in games. From Nintendo's brand new Wii to the PlayStation 3, the hottest systems will be drawing crowds. Xbox 360, PC, PS2 and the rest will be fighting back with amazing new games. Either way, it's you who's going to win. And we bring it all to you.

But before that, we're going to show you the games we know about now. The ones that we're sure will be amazing. The ones that you absolutely have to play. Over the course of a week, we'll clue you in to the best and biggest of the games that we know are on the way. If that doesn't get you pumped for E3 - our coverage begins May 8 - then nothing will.

Day one:
Xbox 360

Day two:
PlayStation 2, PSP

Day three:

Day four:
PlayStation 3

Day five:
Nintendo GameCube, DS, Wii