Pre-E3 06: Tekken: Dark Resurrection

If you like to fight with your mind and body as one, you probably either kick some ass in real life, or play a whole lot of tech-heavy Virtua Fighter. When you just want to smash somebody's face into the ground (and look cool while doing it), there's hardly a better gallery of eclectic fighters than those in Tekken.

The PSP-only Dark Resurrection takes the fifth game and adds two new characters (pop-princess and commando guy), more customizable accessories and wireless versus matches - this you likely already knew. But after our brief hands-on with the title, we can safely say the jaggy graphics look impressive as hell on the PSP's slick, wide screen. Don't let the screens fool you.

The first character we fired up was the long-missing Armor King (you know, the decked-out, super-buff dude with a jaguar head). Now, it's been awhile since we wrestled chumps into the dirt with ol' AK, but he does indeed seem to have a new set of moves. Good. Now we can finally settle who's better: regular cat-headed King or medieval times, scarred-up Armor King. The only concerning aspect was pulling off some of the deeper combos without the PlayStation's handlebar controller - wrapping your hands around the tiny handheld could be a pain.