Pre-E3 06: Hellgate: London

It's rare that the best games are totally original. More likely, the developers take a bunch of elements that they know everyone likes, mix them together vigorously, slap on a coat of polish and send it out. Leveling up characters, learning abilities... fighting monsters in dungeons... shooting from the first person... Hell invading Earth. Taken together these ideas are all typical. Hellgate: London, however, is set to blend them with such panache that the result will be a delicious Satanic smoothie of addictive gaming.

All of the demons of hell have spilled out into the world. They're taking over - and wherever they spread their disgusting influence, humans can't live. In fact, the world is slowly changing into a realm where humanity won't be able to survive, period. To stop that from happening, you and other young survivors, born since the initial invasion, take the fight to the forces of darkness.

Coming, as it does, from many of the minds that put together mega-popular and addictive click-to-kill action-RPG Diablo, you won't be surprised to hear that many of these elements are preserved. As you explore the bowels of London - through sewers and disused underground tubes - you'll run into packs of roving infernal enemies. The game is fully 3D, unlike its distant ancestor, and designed to be played from the first- or third-person perspective. Most attacks are projectiles, but this isn't really a first-person shooter; each has its own magical properties, like fire (for a very basic example). Thus, in RPG fashion, they'll work better against one type of enemy or another. For the magic-using classes, like the Cabalist, the attacks will even mostly home in on the demons, so no fear if you're not a crack shot.