Is PowerWash Simulator crossplay

PowerWash Simulator crossplay
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PowerWash Simulator crossplay means you can set up a large cleaning crew with your friends who are playing on different formats, to take the edge off some of those big and dirty jobs by working together. In Career Mode this means pairing up cooperatively with one other person, while in Free Play where fewer restrictions apply you can get up to six players together to take on any jobs the host has already completed. 

Players on Windows PC, Steam, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One have all been able to connect since launch, but unfortunately the situation isn't as good for those using the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch versions. Read on for the lowdown on PowerWash Simulator crossplay, and which platforms have access to it. Make sure you also check out my comprehensive set of PowerWash Simulator tips, if you'd like some career-improving pointers.

Can you play PowerWash Simulator crossplay

PowerWash Simulator

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Yes, you can play PowerWash Simulator crossplay, but only on certain formats. PC players on Windows or Steam and Xbox console users can all connect to each other using crossplay, however this option hasn't been extended to the more recently added platforms, meaning Sony and Nintendo players are on their own. According to an official FAQ from developer FuturLab, if you're cleaning up on PS5, PS4, or Switch then you'll only be able to connect to friends playing on the same format, and there are no plans to change this system in the future according to the information we have available.

This is likely due to the close links between PC and Xbox infrastructure that make crossplay considerably easier to implement between those platforms, and the amount of additional work that would be required by the developers to incorporate PlayStation and Switch consoles into that system means it's not a viable option. This doesn't rule out cooperative play within those individual formats, of course, it just means there's a smaller pool of players to connect to.

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