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Pokemusings, week 33

Pokemon fans in North America are in for a special treat this weekend. On Sunday February 24, The Cartoon Network will be showing the latest Pokemon movie: The Rise of Darkrai. It definitely looks like one of thecoolerPokemon movies and shouldn't be one of thesuckyones. More importantly, the movie's release should mean that North American players should be able to get their hands on a Darkrai soon! In this issue of Pokemusings, we're going over a few excellent ways to set up your Darkrai so that you can prepare for this awesome Pokemons imminent arrival.

Above: The rise of Darkrai is upon us!

Like most legendary Pokemon, Darkrai has some excellent stats to work with. Its awesome offensive capabilities are even more frightening when you factor in one of its killer moves and its innate ability. It can learn the move Dark Void, which has an 80 percent chance of putting an enemy to sleep. It also has the Bad Dreams ability that whittles away a sleeping opponent's hitpoints. We have two suggested move sets for Darkrai, but both of them feature the Dark Void/Bad Dreams combination.