PokemonRadar, week ten

Happy New Year, everyone!

Lots of Pokemon news this week. Following the announcement of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl's U.S. Release date, Nintendo has begun trickling out additional information. Professor Nanakamado, Sinnoh's gruff Pokemon expert, has been officially named Professor Rowan afterthe tree.The heroes' hometown, Futaba, has also been revealed as Twinleaf town.

In other Pokemon news, the official site has revealed that owners ofPokemon Rangerwill soon be able to obtain their egg for the legendary Manaphy. After completing the Ranget Net missions in Pokemon Ranger, inputting a password (to be revealed on the official site later this month) will unlock a final mission, which will reward the player with a Manaphy egg to transfer to Diamond and Pearl.

This week we'll examine five new Pokemon, all evolutions of last installment's menagerie, and next week we'll investigate the second evolutionary stage of some of the first Pokemon we profiled.

Keep an eye out for GamesRadar's full preview of Pokemon Battle Revolution for Wii, next week, too.

Now, to the Pokemon!

Pokemon Name: Beequeen
Type: Bug / Flying
Classification: Honeycomb
Pokedex Number: 054 Sinnoh / 416 National
Ability: Pressure - Foes use twice as many PP
Location Found: Found on aromatic trees
Useful Attacks: Gust

Only one in eight Mitsuhoneys is female, and these rare hive princesses have greatness in their future. Once they reach level 20, female Mitsuhoneys evolve into Beequeen, a living beehive Pokemon. Within her dress of hexagonal wax lives a colony of bees, ready to carry out her every command. As cool as they are, Bug-type Pokemon tend to be weak. Fortunately, Beequeen is one of the few exceptions, with solid stats and a number of powerful Bug-type attacks.