PokemonRadar, Week 23

Welcome to the twenty-third installment of Pokemon Radar.

With Pokemon Diamond and Pearl only two weeks away, we're in the final throes of the new Pokemon insurgency. All that's left to cover are Sinnoh's Legendaries, starting today with four new legendary Psychic Pokemon. Unlike previous games, the legendary trio this time around all have the same type and similar stats, mostly distinguished by their movesets.

Next week we'll look at five more legendary Pokemon, including Dialga and Palkia, the beasties that grace the games' boxes.

Now, to the Pokemon!

English Name: Uxie
Japanese Name: Yukushii
Type: Psychic
Classification: Knowledge
Pokedex Number: 146 Sinnoh / 480 National
Ability: Levitate - Immune to Ground-type attacks
Location Found: Lake Acuity
Useful Attacks: Memento

The Sinnoh region has legends all of its own, and wherever there are legends there are legendary Pokemon. Sinnoh's three lakes are said to protect the region, and beneath each lives one of three Psychic Pokemon, each representing an aspect of consciousness and each featuring a move that embodies self-sacrifice. Of the three lake guardians, Uxie's stats are mostly defense-oriented.