PokemonRadar, week 18

Welcome to the eighteenth installment of GamesRadar's weekly feature, PokemonRadar.

No Pokemon news to report, so we'll get right to the Pokemon. This week we're looking at the final evolutions of the four three-tier Pokemon we've been covering thus far.

Next week we'll look at four new Sinnoh-exclusive baby Pokemon.

Now, to the Pokemon!

Pokemon Name: Mukkuhawk
Type: Normal/Flying
Classification: Predator Bird
Pokedex Number: 012 Sinnoh / 398 National
Ability: Intimidate - Lowers foe's attack when released
Location Found: Evolved from Mukkubird
Useful Attacks: Brave Bird

Remember Mukkuru, that adorable starling? After 40 levels of combat, that sweet ball of down evolves into this airborne bruiser. Sporting a sharpened mohawk and massive talons, Mukkuhawk can rend his foes with ease. On top of his impressive speed and attack, Mukkuhawk learns a variety of powerful new moves, including Brave Bird, a powerful Flying-type attack that throws caution to the wind and damages Mukkuhawk too.