PokemonRadar, week 16

Welcome to the fifteenth installment of GamesRadar's weekly feature, PokemonRadar.

In other Pokemon news, word of the U.S. names of the new Diamond and Pearl Pokemon have slipped out, courtesy of the New York Toy Fair, which just ended on Wednesday. Naetoru, the Grass starter, is now "Turtwig," Hikozaru, the Fire starter, is now "Chimchar" and Pocchama, the Water starter, is "Piplup." Others were unveiled as well, but we'll save those for later.

Today we'll look at the evolved forms of last week's five Pokemon. With these five species out of the way, next week we'll introduce four familiar creatures' new evolutions.

Don't forget to check out our movie of the star of the week - including footage from both the DS version and the Wii's Pokemon Battle Revolution. Just click the Movies tab above and you'll see it all.

Now, to the Pokemon!

Pokemon Name: Mimiroppu
Type: Normal
Classification: Rabbit
Pokedex Number: 068 Sinnoh / 428 National
Ability: Cute Charm - Opponents may become infatuated when attacking, Disuse - Incapable of using held items
Location Found: Evolved from Mimiroru
Useful Attacks: Bounce

When a cute li'l Mimiroru loves its trainer very much, it undergoes an extreme biological makeover to become the bunny bombshell Mimiroppu- yes, even if the Mimiroru was male. This curvaceous conejo (that's rabbit in Spanish) learns a wide variety of moves and, while not the most powerful, can be a serious thorn in your opponent's side as its Cute Charm ability transforms them into slobbering imbeciles.