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Pokemon X and Y leak confirm cancelled plans

(Image credit: Game Freak)

A leaked build of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon has confirmed that developers Game Freak was planning on creating sequels and updated versions of Pokemon X and Y. 

This is one of many Nintendo leaks in recent years regarding the Pokemon series, but this new piece of information appears to have been about cancelled material. 

Development builds for Pokemon Sun and Moon as well as Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon have recently leaked leading to information being revealed. MrCheeze on Twitter unearthed a PokemonVersion.h file, which listed a number of the game entries in the series. 

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The leaks from early development confirm that there were reservations in place for another pair of games based in the Kalos region which was introduced in Pokemon X and Y. Lewchube on Twitter reported the new leaks, sharing an image of the game’s code that reveals a title “version_calos_reserve3” and “version_calos_reserve4”, confirming that there were plans for development at one point in time. More information also confirms what appears to be a younger Red model and a possible placeholder for the protagonist, which fans have used to create a rendered model. 

This isn’t the first for Pokemon leaks. In 2018, Pokemon Gold and Silver leaks uncovered an early development build for the game, followed by more leaks for Pokemon Red and Green featuring unused Pokemon designs. Since then, titles such as Green and Silver as well as Diamond and Pearl have had early development leaks too. Before Pokemon Sword and Shield was released in 2019, plot details were also leaked and were circulating around the internet. Let’s just say that the Pokemon game series is prolific for this kind of stuff. 

Pokemon X and Y released in 2013 for Nintendo 3DS and marked the series’ first 3D experience. Generation 6 introduced seventy-two new Pokemon and marked the beginning of Mega Evolutions. 

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