Pokemon Scarlet and Violet get cutest Raid ever for Valentine's Day

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
(Image credit: Pokemon Company)

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are hosting an appropriately adorable Valentine's Day event next month.

As revealed on the official website (opens in new tab), Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's next Tera Raid Battle event will revolve around Tandemaus. This new Raid event just so happens to fall on Valentine's Day, between February 13 and 15, and so it's a stroke of genius that Game Freak is putting Scarlet and Violet's cutest creatures in the event.

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Should that instead read "cutest couple," though? In the replies to the Serebii tweet just above, scores of Twitter users are pointing out that Tandemaus might quietly be a gay icon, given that one Tandemaus (equating to two of the creatures) is guaranteed to be of the same gender in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Is Tandemaus a gay icon? You decide!

Another genius aspect of this Tandemaus-themed event is the Pokemon's cutesy Fairy-Type. Not only are the Pokemon just downright cute on their own, but they're switching things up to become full Fairy-Type specifically for the Valentine's Day event. Cor, they're putting on a show. 

If you didn't already know, back in November, some Pokemon players deemed Maushold completely broken. The evolution of Tandemaus has a sequence of attacks and abilities that can effectively cause it to deal a staggering 600 damage in one hit, nearly guaranteeing you a knockout hit. Tandemaus might be cute, but Maushold will absolutely mess you up. 

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