Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fan recreates all three starters in the original art style

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
(Image credit: The Pokemon Company)

A Pokemon fan has reimagined Scarlet and Violet in the original game's art style.

Just last week, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet got a brand new trailer, complete with new creatures to capture, characters to meet, locations to explore, and more. One dedicated fan appears to have taken the new Pokemon and characters showcased for the new games and thrown them all the way back to the '90s, as revealed in the excellent footage just below. 

The male player character ventures through a wilderness area, followed closely behind by Fuecoco, the new fire-type starter creatures. They then encounter Sprigatito, a new grass-type Pokemon resembling a charming cat, before bumping into their female counterpart, who just so happens to be bonding with Quaxly, the water duckling starter.

The brief clip has been an absolute hit with Pokemon fans around the world, and it's not hard to see why. Every detail about the video harkens back to Pokemon of decades past, including the plump Pikachu. The original art style so many people grew up with makes for a fascinating transition project to Scarlet and Violet. Meanwhile, If you'd like to see what a more classic 3D Pokemon game would look like in the OG art style, the Twitter user has you covered there, too.

As for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet themselves though, the two brand new games from The Pokemon Company will be here later this year on November 12, 2022 for the Nintendo Switch. Oh, and each new game has a conventionally attractive new professor character for players to obsess over (and don't worry, the internet has done just that). 

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Hirun Cryer

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