Pokemon Monday 32 – Wonder Card woes

Episode32 highlights

Batlle & Get! Pokemon Typing DS (opens in new tab) - New details on the first spin-off game of this generation. Will it ever be released outside of Japan?

Initial details on the 2011 Pokemon Video Game Championships (opens in new tab)- Henry already has a defeatist attitude about the next tournament. Somebody give him a pep talk!

Toys R Us B&W pre-order bonus and Ash's Pikachu event (opens in new tab)- Decorative Zekrom and Reshiram wall clings are up for grabs if you pre-order Black or White at TRU. Plus, there's an Ash's Pikachu download event happening now.

Black & White spotlight: Zorua and Zoroark- How will you use these Tricky Fox Pokemon and their unique Illusion ability?

Pokemon of the week: the legendary beasts - Brett and I prefer Suicune, but Henry says that Entei is his favorite legendary of all time. What say you?

Question of the week: What's your favorite legendary and why?

See you next week!

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